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Fanatic is an iconic brand founded in 1981, giving us three decades of Boardriding history. Pioneering innovation and design, we are considered one of the world’s leading watersports brands. We pride ourselves on constant evolution, creation of new concepts, and technological standards.At Fanatic we love and live to ride; from Brand Manager to Product Engineer, from Marketing to Sales and many others who all contribute to our brand. We understand and are driven by the excitement that surrounds those first steps onto a board through to epic advanced sessions. Our attention to detail drives us crazy at times, but achieving our goals provides our customers with priceless and unforgettable moments on the water.


Fanatic is driven by our unwavering desire to create dream boards. That vision may sound simple, but achieving it is not. We stand for everything that makes it possible: quality, innovation, knowledge, experience, consistency, integrity, Ocean Minded spirit and above all else, passion.
Value is important to us because we know it matters to you. Designing more usable range into each of our boards has allowed us to offer the most concise board range of all the top windsurfing brands. This means you’ll get even more use from your new Fanatic board across a greater range of conditions.
Customer service is as important to us as our products are. Looking after you completes the picture for us. Your questions and feedback help us to better understand your needs, provide you with relevant information and to develop future ranges. There is always an ear waiting for you at an approved Fanatic dealer. Or you can chat to us online anytime at our international forum

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Λεωφόρος Συγγρού 314, 176 73, Καλλιθέα
Αθήνα - Ελλάδα
Τηλ: (+30) 210 9570 941 / (+30) 210 9530 673
Φαξ: (+30) 210 9570 966