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The sport of kiteboarding was built on the shoulders of many established and refined board sports. While kiteboarding has “borrowed” some of the best elements from each of these sports, the collective result is something completely and totally unique. Kiteboarding has come of age today to become one of the most extremely versatile board sports in history.
In more ways than one, kiteboarding has respectfully transcended the very sports which have given it its life. Here at Cabrinha, we have been thinking about this for some time. Mainly, we have been thinking about how kiteboarding has adopted some of these borrowed parts for our sport despite the fact that they were not originally designed for kiteboarding. For starters: we questioned and debated why we were still using a hook and loop connection system that dates back to the early windsurfing era, when it clearly wasn’t designed for our sport. Kiteboarding has a completely different set of forces and connection requirements than windsurfing.
So we set out to build the ultimate connection system from the bottom up. Fireball is the first kiteboarding connection which is purpose built to take into account the unique movements and forces created by a kite. Fireball is a connection system designed to deliver a friction free connection directly to your core. A connection with a rotational axis as opposed to a restrictive and often binding one. Fireball is uniquely kiteboarding. It closes the loop on our effort to maintain control over all of the critical elements of a kite control system. Fireball is the first product to launch us into a new era of design where everything we design is purpose built for kiteboarding. Take our Double Agent Hydrofoil for example. The Double Agent is a purpose built hydrofoil made for the unique dynamics of kite foilboarding.
It’s versatility goes far beyond its efficient foil boarding capabilities and extends your fun into the realm of surf skating. When you combine any of our kite boards with our all new Apollo freeride kite, your riding will reach an entirely new level of effortless performance. The Apollo’s high aspect design produces more power per square meter than any kite in our range. These aren’t re-purposed foil designs…these are purpose built kites, made for the sport of kitesurfing, that take full advantage of the canopy support and security that only an inflated strut frame can deliver. Whether it’s getting on the water before the white caps arrive or getting tons of hang time, the Apollo’s technical design will provide you with the pinnacle of bow kite performance in any situation.
The all-new 2017 collection from Cabrinha. Bringing you innovations that matter.


The New Fireball is an innovative connection method for the next generation of kitesurfing. It’s minimalist design supports a fluid and friction free ball and socket connection. This non binding connection is made to harness the dynamic forces of a kite as it flies through any part of the sky. Fireball immediately upgrades any kite and harness to deliver more control, security, and comfort than ever before.
Fireball’s ball and socket interface is a semicircular fitting that brings the pivot point of the connection extremely close to your body. Fireball’s intelligent low profile design keeps the spreader bar from rotating into your body when the pull of the kite comes from overhead.
A traditional spreader bar hook leverages the bar against your body because the pivot point of a hook is positioned further away from your core. The Fireball socket is much closer to your core than a traditional hook, thus keeping the spreader bar from rotating into your body.

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