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Most of the time you will know what to expect from the conditions at a certain race field, yet everything can change rapidly and you could have anything from flat water to grueling “side-wind-through massive chop” conditions or downwind conditions in a matter of minutes. For the ease of mind we created the Race Allwater shapes. These sleek machines are the result of countless number of prototypes, airfreight charges and days on the water of our best racers. Before we decided on the final shapes we locked James Casey, Vinnicius Martins, Peter Bartl and Branislav Sramek on Fuerteventura to find the magic Allwater formula. It features a planning hull design with rounded nose for connecting glides. The bottom transfers into a double concave bottom under the standing area slightly fading into a V tail. The tail became wider and thicker to add stability and planning area when stepping back into a surf stance on a glide. Boards have additional forward leash plug position to prevent feet from getting tangled up with the leash on the tail of the boards.
The 12’6” models need to cater to very different competition formats from beach races to flatwater sprints so the boards must have fast planning surfaces and catch bumps or surf with ease. We reduced the piercing nose and increased the nose scoop. The rolled and wider nose section helps lifting the board onto the plane. Towards the mid-section the bottom shape transform to a single concave. This offers maximum stability with a rail line for great directional stability. Additionally we could lower the standing positon making every paddle stroke more efficient. Towards the wider tail we opened up the concave flowing into a slight V shape for better release and improved ability to surf and steer the board through the waves. Various handle positons round of the complete package for an outstanding race board.

The super parallel outline of the Surf Slates creates unbelievable speed while at the same time provides generous stability. The short length ensures lightning fast reaction and allows the boards to fit into any size of wave. Use the extra speed to glide across flat sections of the wave or to hit the lip with full power. The double diamond tail allows for instant acceleration and a good amount of drive off the bottom. The tail releases very easily when busting the fins out.
The foot positioning at the tail is crucial for best performance and that is why we added a centered pad arch. The chopped off diamond nose is equipped with a soft channel in the center with bevels on each side for a forgiving “no pearling” entry. This flows into a single concave bottom towards the tail channel for a smooth lift and release. The Surf Slates are more suited to sliding, whippy turns and aerials under a breaking lip, rather than traditional surfing consisting of big carves out on the open face. The boards perform perfect in smaller, sloped surf rather than a large steep wall. A seriously good addition to any quiver.
For this year we have added a 8’0”x30” available both in PRO and Wood Edition. The boards feature a 5 fin option and come with a RTM thruster set-up. The whole range comes with an FCS plug in the nose to attach your GoPro camera.

We completely redesigned the Allroundair line this year. Narrower nose allows for minimal push of the water in the front, resulting in a faster glide with each paddle stroke. The parallel outline ensures great traction and less paddle-hand changes. This also brings another advantage – a wider tail that significantly improves stability of the board. The two sizes will cover the widest range of average paddler’s needs; from absolute beginners to those taking first white water runs, from beginner surfers to yoga enthusiasts. Choose one of the two models with the windsurfing option to double the potential of these great boards. The AllroundAirs are available in Superior and Light Edition. The Windsup models come with an additional 10”center fin and a windsurfing mast plug.

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