WINDSURFING UK and the french PLANCHEMAG, recently released some great reviews in their issues, regarding the outstanding SUPER SESSION by DUOTONE WINDSURFING.

Windsurf UK, March 2019 | Issue Highlights

“Last year we have already been very impressed by the first edition of this

“It is definitely one of the best sails for low powered wind conditions…”

“Power delivery is exact yet controllable, feeling honest and responsive without
being too forceful or pulling the unexpected rider to their toes…”


Duotone Super Session Funsports

PLANCHEMAG, May 2019 | Issue Highlights

Super Session 5.6

Maximum fun combined with crisp, powerful feeling

We tested the 85% monofilm version of this forward-drafted sail. The foot area is reinforced by three lines of Tri Ply.


The Super Session has a well-balanced and light feeling, even with a more upright stance. A strong acceleration allows easy planing, which makes this sail one of the most powerful and explosive sails in this section. Especially in choppy conditions, you will appreciate the stable draft, light sensation on the back-hand and a noticeable lift of the board. At the same time it’s a fantastic sail for jumping manoeuvres.

Due to the powerful draft, the DUOTONE SUPER SESSION suits heavier sailors. Closing the sail slightly on the back-hand already makes you plane immediately. From this point, it’s easy to keep the sail neutral.

The Super Session offers outstanding handling.  It always stays manoeuvrable and neutral. It’s designed to be more responsive than average sails to be able to react quickly in challenging conditions.


The SUPER SESSION feels effortless and direct, combined with strong acceleration. It always stays responsive and offers great planing features for freewave and even flatwater freemove use.

+ power, responsiveness, speed, on-off, playful

–  large monofilm window