The production line
It’s the foundation for any product. How Duotone products are made requires care and attention throughout. This has been and remains to be the driving force behind our brand. This process is what separates a good kite from a great kite. The powerful combination of skilled workmanship and longstanding trusted partnerships drives constant improvement, enhanced quality and optimized work flow each year.

As one of the longest standing Boards & More team riders, I have intricate knowledge of each process involved, from the cutting table right down to action time at the beach. 

Naturally, I wanted to visit the Duotone production facility as soon as the 2019 production had started, not only to make sure that everything was running smoothly, but mostly to make a video and show exactly what goes into making one of our benchmark kites. Whether it is the Vegas, Dice, Rebel, Neo or Evo; the same meticulous quality control and passion goes into making each and every kite. I want to show you each hand that touches the material, every stitch and machine that is needed, the hours, the expertise and most importantly the people that support our innovations year upon year. From the material on a racks and right up to your front door, it is this process that proves the value of what we do as a brand. 

For me as a team rider, it is so important to be part of a brand that cares and understands more than just selling the products. Duotone allows riders, like myself, to define and refine the equipment so that it can perform beyond expectations.

Working with Duotone’s two kite designers, Ralf Grosel and Ken Winner, the focus is to tweak kites designs, discover new materials and create graphics which makes us riders not just a part of the brand, but the future legacy of the sport. Nothing drives me more than knowing that we are all moving forward together, on the same mission to improve the sport that we all love! True Kiteboarding.